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Anne Sadovsky, C.S.P. (learn more about C.S.P.)
Certified Speaking Professional

The National Speakers Association

Anne Sadovsky is a Dallas based professional speaker. She provides training, keynotes and counsel to a variety of industries, businesses and associations and is a former Vice President of Marketing and Education of Lincoln Property Company. Her expertise makes her a sought after speaker, consultant and trainer and her training DVDs, webinars and seminars have educated thousands. She has officially flown more than one and a half million miles in order to share her experience, expertise, wisdom and wit.

Anne is a widely published author and a popular guest on radio and television talk shows nationally. Her success story has been written about in many newspapers and magazines including MONEY MAGAZINE, TEXAS BUSINESS and LADIES HOME JOURNAL.

MIRABELLA Magazine listed her as one of the One Thousand Women of the 90's, along with Mother Teresa and Oprah Winfrey. Anne's book "Mission Possible" with Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy is available through her website. Multi Family Pro Apartment Association of Greater Dallas have honored her with Legends Awards.

She is affiliated with numerous business and professional organizations including the National Speakers Association where she holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired and challenged by Anne's story. Her message is common sense, entertaining, and enlightening. She specializes in teaching people skills and believes that "where the rubber hits the road" is when people actually come face to face. She makes a difference and helps create success in both business and personal lives.

She has earned a Texas Real Estate license, and is a CAM, CAPS, and RAM, along with many other designations and honorary positions. Anne is one of the most astute trainers in Fair Housing and Diversity in the industry. She was named one of the Top Trainers by Multi Housing News and she is the host of the MultiHousingProTV show "Fair Housing Focus"

Her most sought after topics include Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations and Retention, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Leadership Skills and Dealing with Generational Differences...customizing topics is her specialty.

On a personal note, Anne is ecstatically married, has two spoiled dogs and 2 noisy parrots, a large family and loves living a joyful life!

(972)661-9300 Toll Free (866)905-9300

Whats New

In 2013 Anne has spoken at the Texas Apartment Association 50 Year Anniversary Conference in Houston, The National Apartment Association Convention in San Diego and will be speaking at The Annual Brainstorming Event in Las Vegas in Novmember.

She has just completed new Fair Housing DVDs which are available on this website. Only $149...don't be without Fair Housing at Your Fingertips.

Other activities:

Anne serves on several boards, is speaking on Healthy Communication at the Unity Church of Dallas, and is booked in many cities throughout the year. She is an active volunteer for a variety of women's programs.

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Eve Bradford, Jackie Ramstedt, Anne Sadovsky and The Woods Dallas marketing team at Multifamilypro's Brainstorming SessionsTM.

June 2013 Anne received a Lifetime Member Award from the Apartment Asslociation of Greater Dallas.

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New to the Microphone?

Get rid of stage fright and learn how smooth speaking before and audience can be... from introducing a speaker, giving reports at company meetings to speaking and training.

First Day Training for New Team Members

Don't you wish your new employees could be effective on their very first day? At least it would be great if they knew something about the multifamily industry. This brand new informative DVD will get them ready for company training, how you want things done and the ability to speak with some knowledge about the apartment biz!


Selling to the Buyer of the 21st Century

Buyers are buying differently, however many of us are still trying to sell the same old way! This session is a wake up call...Maybe it is time to ask yourself some tough questions.

What you will learn:

• Prospecting...not your usual program
• How to leverage relationships
• The power in numbers
• How to adjust your attitude, your likeability,
your mind set
• How to deal with customers objections to price
and asking for deals
• The power of empathy
• Creating urgency
• Closing the sale

Managing Talent ...Not Your Daddy's Chevy, Not Your Mama's Jeans- A New View of Leadership

Topics covered:

• Learn what it takes to lead and manage others
• Knowing WHOM you are leading
• Letting go of the love of power and learn
the power of love
• A clear understanding of why people work
• A view of the 4 generations in the workplace
• Building a Functional Team
• Why they quit the job
• The 20 things that must be understood in order
to lead successfully
• 6 attributes/behaviors that create a positive
work environment
• What makes today's leader's job so tough
• Motivation, stimulation and successful team members
• How gossip kills teamwork

Includes attendee participation in several exercises

Not to be missed by those currently in leadership/professional manager positions and those who aspire to be the best leaders of tomorrow.

Team Work and The Bottom Line

Recently a Harvard professor published this statement: "American companies focus 75% of their training on admin, product and technology, and only 25% on people skills. If they are to survive, they need to reverse the order." US News and World Report says that 68% of customers who stop buying from / doing business with any given business do so because of the way they are treated by a team member! 70% of employees who quit their job do so due to people problems.

• Understand different personalities
• Deal with difficult people
• Communicate effectively
• Brainstorm with your team to increase traffic and leases
• Improve resident retention with written and spoken communication
• Hire, lead, motivate, supervise and retain your team
• Improve the bottom line of your apartment community and company

Get more leases, save more residents and create an effective team....don't miss this all important's not an expense, it's an investment!

The Likeability Factor; Make People Like You in One Minute or Less and Why You should.

• Why is it important to be likeable?
• How? So common sense you will be surprised.
• Where does likeability start?
• The end result of your childhood programming.
• It matters when you want to 'work a room'.
• I know your face but not your name.
• Dealing with your "self stuff".
• Adjust your attitude.
• How to be a happy successful person.
• Be the best conversationalist in the
• The laws of reciprocation and attraction.
• Have a likable kind of humor.

Living in the Rat Race; Manage Your Time or It Will Manage You!

Do you often feel like there is too much work left at the end of the day? Do you wish for more time, worry about meeting deadlines, and are you feeling really stressed about what isn't getting done? If you are answering yes, welcome to the rat race...with your life sort of like the hamster in a wheel...running as fast as possible and getting nowhere. Anne offers practical:

• Time and stress management skills,
• How to use simple common sense.
• How to delegate
• The importance of staying organized
• How to see the value of every minute, every hour
and every day
• Learn how poor time management adds to the stress
in your life.

This session will not only improve the quality of your life, but also the NOI of your business. Walk away with concrete plans and simple tasks that you can implement immediately.

What Did You Say? Why Don't You Get it? I'm Talking to You! Why Don't You Like Me? Nobody Listens to Me!

Impact Your Life and the Bottom Line Through Improved Communication....there is more to communication than talk!

Have you ever wondered why you lost that sale, why the customer got upset, antsy or disinterested and didn't buy, why you can't seem to make yourself clear to your boss, your spouse, your kids, your clients? Want to know why you instantly like one person and not another?

This seminar promises a new look at your personality and communication style, and that of others. You will increase your strengths, your problem solving skills and you will be more productive through clearer communication.

This is not a "fluffy" seminar; it is a life changing experience. It is fun, positive and gives you a strong insight into yourself and others.

Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses, to improve your communication skills, and create better relationships.

This session will improve your work performance, enhance morale and improve decision making skills.

Become a super star producer, an even more likeable person, and increase your job satisfaction....don't miss this one!

Extra cost per person $7. for communication survey

If the Horse You're Riding is Dead... Get Off!

One of the few guarantees in life is change. When seen as an exciting challenge, we participate and grow. When we dig in our heels and resist, we start to wither and die. This speech will take a look at changes and their impact on society, aging Americans, prejudice and discrimination, motivation by fear, selfishness vs. service, and how and why we resist change.

How to Win at Everything You Do

A fun yet provocative look at ways to enjoy more of a winning attitude and lifestyle. Simple steps promise more from life.

Apathy: Americas New Disease

Based on the principal that apathy toward our customers, our spouse, our children, and our job causes problems in our lives. Lots of humor with an important point.

Count Your Blessings!

So many people are not happy with who and where they are. More success and happiness comes after recognizing and appreciating yourself and what you already have. Laughs and tears abound.

Nobody Picks Up Pennies Anymore

These things were once held in great esteem in America: pennies, neighbors, grandparents, the planet, and ethics. The penny is a symbol of the many things devalued. Anne's most serious message, sure to bring a standing ovation.

Common Sense: Don't Leave Home Without It!

Formal education is great as long as you retain common sense in dealing with others. Examples and stories add fun and excitement to this reminder that what you learned on the playground still works today.

Prosperity - Its More than Dollars, Its Sense!

Few of us prosper through luck or chance; we work hard for our success! The great news is that we are richer than we think, depending on how we see our progress. This session provides you with steps toward greater prosperity and your measuring stick for the future.


Anne offers workshops tailored to meet specific objectives. They provide usable skills in an atmosphere of fun and sharing, while placing emphasis on content that is applicable to every organization. Choose from over 20 seminars to create an interactive workshop program that enhances the skills of the personnel in your organization. Here are a few topics of interest:

Image 1
Fair Housing - NEW!

"Can a Hen Move In? Is That a Rat...and Other Interesting New Fair Housing Insights"

More Less

Can a Hen Move In? Can I Chat with the Cat? Is That a Rat? Is a Sugar Glider a Bat? And not questions only about animals, but about occupancy standards, parking issues, family status, obligations to the disabled and what else has changed in Fair Housing? This has been a hot topic for me since 1988. My Fair Housing seminar is current, fun and never boring! Let's get on your schedule and update your team!

Image 2
Sales - NEW!

"Selling to the Consumer of the 21st Century...Not Your Father's Chevy or Your Mother's Jeans!"

More Less

Buyers are buying differently, however many of us are still trying to sell the same old way! This session is a wake up call…Maybe it is time to ask yourself some tough questions; Am I the right person for the job? Can I and will I perform and sell in this market? Do I have the necessary sales education and skills?

Image 3
Leadership - NEW!

"Talent Management...Not With the Same Old Leadership Skills!"

More Less

There is much conversation today about the failure of the hierarchy system…too many layers, too many bosses, too much middle management. In today's corporate environment we know that to have a Masters Degree doesn't assure a skilled manager of people and procedures; however, one thing is for sure…there has to be a leader…one who manage talent! Just as every ship has a captain, every school a principal, every church a minister, every country a president, every organization has to have a leader who is also a true manager of people and programs! This person has final say when necessary, creates motivation and passion, sets the path and shows the way. It has been proven over and over; the speed of the leader is the speed of the team. Very specific skills are needed to be a great leader / manager. This session examines how leadership can make or break the success efforts of any 'team.' Learn to be the type of leader-manager who inspires, challenges, and creates the desire for success.

Image 2

"Giving Yourself a Raise"
"Good Sales Sense"
"Selling to the Customer of the 21st Century"

More Less

This seminar is designed to overcome "sabotaging success" in sales. Discover new techniques for understanding your communication style as related to your client's style. Behavior shaping skills will enable you to become an expert at understanding body language, your role as a "counselor", and closing through psychological insights rather than mechanical sales techniques.

Image 1
Stress Management

"Less Stress, More Success!"

More Less

The goal of this session is to define stress and its causes, prevent distress, and help us live more productively in today's high anxiety world.

Image 1
Customer Service

"A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush"
"Does Your Service Effort Snap, Crackle or Flop?"
"Serious Service for the 21st Century"

More Less

Never before in history has there been so much competition for the consumer dollar. Everyday people choose with whom they'll do business based on the way they're treated by the staff of an organization. Not very scientific, but a proven fact. That alone indicates a never ending need for a close look at the attitude and communication skills of your employees.

Image 2
Teamwork / Leadership

"It Takes Teamwork!"
"Real Power - A Team Performance"
"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way"

More Less

This seminar focuses on harmony and production in the work environment. Techniques include better communication, human relations, leadership, getting results through others, and team spirit.

Image 3

"Communication: More than Just Talk"
"The Winning Edge: Communication"

More Less

In this seminar, we examine costly mistakes and poor human relations which take place daily due to lack of skill in communication. Survey results are used to demonstrate specific techniques that each participant can use in their daily business and personal lives. Improved productivity and better people are the desired results.

Image 2
Hiring, Training, Terminating, Supervising Others

"Supervisors: A New Challenge"
"Getting Maximum Mileage: Dealing with the Employee of the 21st Century"

More Less

This seminar deals with hiring techniques which will prevent future personnel problems. Also, skills of training others to insure top performance, and when necessary, tools for smooth terminations.

Image 1
Winning Lifestyles / Self Improvement

"How to Win at Everything You Do"
"The Winners Edge"

More Less

This seminar is designed to help you examine where you are today and where you are going. It helps you see change as positive. Growth, opportunity, and challenge are related to self-image and how you deal with others. You will realize your strengths and how to use them, and recognize the importance of working and living well with others.

Image 1
Time Management

"Every Minute Counts"
"Managing Yourself - Managing Time"

More Less

This seminar examines powerful methods that increase effectiveness and productivity. Time management is an important skill that allows us to work smarter, not harder.

What Clients Say

Lincoln Property Company

"An Anne Sadovsky seminar is not a cost, it's an investment in your team."

- Fred Chaney, President, Lincoln Property Company Dallas

Southern Nevada Multi-Housing Association

"Anne was the ultimate professional during the process of arranging her visit. She was both entertaining and informative, and has a gift for inserting the perfect anecdote at the perfect time and kept the crowd involved. We oversold the event due to the great demand received for Anne's seminar. She has an amazing style that never fails to inspire."

- Erica Arthur, Ovation Property Management, Las Vegas, Nevada Association President

Toledo Ohio Home Builders Association

"We have heard nothing but positive comments on the entertaining, informative seminar titled Survival Tactics for a Soft Market. We look forward to working with you in the future."

- Tony Clark, Meeting Planner HBA

Monterey County Hospitality Association

"Your presentation was very well received and offered our members valuable information through humor and inspiration. You have the ability to reach each member in the audience and to keep their attention throughout your presentation."

- Bonnie Adams, Executive Director, Monterey, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea Rotary

"It is rare that our group gives a standing ovation! We were moved and entertained by your keynote address and life changing comments."

- Mia McKee, Event Planner, Carmel, California

Pinnacle Property Management

"Anne has done an excellent job for us within the NW region; she is not only an incredible motivational speaker with a great spirit, she also brings to the table excellent operational ideas that can be used by our site teams and IMs. I highly recommend her for your next regional training event."

- Eric Schwabe, Northwest Region


Too many vacancies...poor cash flow?

Anne specializes in the "do it yourself" lease up. Why pay thousands of dollars for an outside firm to lease your vacancies when Anne will come to you on a consulting basis, bringing 40 years of experience and all the latest ideas. She will review your entire leasing, marketing and retention procedures, train your team members, send a full marketing report and recommendations, and maintain a telephone relationship with you and your team for the following 60 days.

All for one fee...your investment can turn your property around! Latest job, Florida...increased occupancy 22% in 4 weeks!!!

What Does it Take to be Fully Awake?

My 32 year old grandson quit his job recently. Right in the middle of the workday, his boss “hurt his feelings and embarrassed him” so he removed his Chef's apron and walked out.

Now he is without work, and has been for several weeks. I asked him if he learned anything and he said “Yeah, I need to think before I act.” He is now suffering the consequences of his reaction, his behavior without thought. Actually he is feeling the pain produced by a decision without concern about his future (to say nothing of his rent!)

One of my coaching clients has been in trouble many times because of her mouth…speaking out of turn; saying inappropriate things at the wrong time has cost her a job more than once. We came up with the simplest solution. When she feels the urge to speak up, she pops herself with the rubber band we placed on her wrist. It is a reminder to listen and think, and often stops her from speaking and causing painful consequences.

What do we gain from pain? For sure a life lesson, but how many times will we do it before we wake up, become fully conscious. How many times do we repeat behaviors that have previously caused us pain? I bet most you have heard this cliché; if a snake bites you once, shame on the snake. If it bites you again, shame on you. How many times do we have to stick a screwdriver into the electrical outlet before we wake up to the fact that it will always give us a shock? Wouldn't life be better if we never did it again?

Sometimes I am concerned that we are asleep at the wheel, driving blindly through life. Take the pain of repeated mistakes and apply to our lives overall. Our joy, our prosperity, our health, our relationships, our future are directly impacted by acting without thinking of the repercussions. Shooting from the hip without thought can cost other's trust, our reputation, our family, love, even peace of mind.

How can we gain freedom from pain? Wake up and get the lesson. We all have regrets. “I wish I hadn't said that. I wish I hadn't done that.” Mine is “I wish I hadn't eaten that!” I am working on that one in my goal of losing 10 pounds! The challenge is not recognizing that our mistakes in behavior are lessons, and that if we don't learn them we will keep repeating them. And with each repetition not only do we suffer, we make others suffer.

These are hard lessons. And even if we do learn, we get it, we WAKE UP, we evolve, we will not be perfect. Something pulls our chain, someone criticizes us and we react without being fully awake. Maybe you are sensitive to feelings of rejection so you retaliate. Perhaps we need a key word that will instantly call our attention to what is happening.

Let's take the word STOP as part of our “wake up, wait, think it though, sleep on it” system.

S. Slow down. What's the hurry? How will I react if I wait until tomorrow? Would I still say it if I had to wait 2 to 3 hours? Say to yourself “STOP”

T. Thinking Tools are available to us, that rubber band pop means that we will not take action without asking ourselves “What will happen if I do say this? Who all will suffer if I act without thinking? What consequences will there be from my behavior?”

O. Observe how others react to our words and behaviors. Do we hurt feelings, cause tears? Thinking back on our history, those whom we have hurt, how we could/should have handled a situation differently? If we have ever thought or said “I'm sorry, I should have handled that differently, I wish I had thought that through” we are STOP candidates.

P. Put a plan in place and our brain in gear before stepping on the gas! Put that rubber band on our wrist. When people ask us why we are wearing a rubber band, tell them that it is part of our plan to live our life fully awake. Don't be surprised if many people who know us get themselves a rubber band because they also to need to wake up. By the time we have walked around a couple of weeks with a whelp on our wrist, we may be able to stop popping ourselves.

Why? Because we will be living our life aware, alive and fully AWAKE. We will automatically know through learned pain to STOP.

Now go put on your rubber band!

Anne Sadovsky CSP, CAM, CAPS

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Say Something nice!

We know that flattery, a form of social reward, is a powerful tool. We know that complimenting an individual makes them feel more positively about the person bestowing the favorable comments, even when they think it's insincere. Now, research shows that compliment said memory!

The Japanese researchers who conducted a study found that when subjects were given a task to learn involving motor skills, praise for their performance afterwards resulted in their remembering the task better than control groups who received no praise.

While this experiment looked at one very limited domain – a learned physical task – it's intriguing that flattery has an “offline” effect in improving recall totally independent of motivation factors. Educators, trainers, and coaches may be able to use strategic compliments to make their lessons more memorable. And, at the same time, they will be viewed more positively by their students and may be increasing motivation, too.

So what if our leasing team members closed with “You have made a smart and great decision”

And when the rent check is hand delivered “Thank you for paying your rent on time…we really appreciate you.”

And when spending time with your employees “You are really picking this up fast” or “You are doing a great job on this task”

I for one prefer sincere compliments…even if insincere ones are said to work.

Paying compliments, flattering people is an easy no cost way to get better results…

By the way, you are looking good today!!!

Partially edited from Neuromarketing website. Happy 2013

Anne Sadovsky

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A great loss

"Death is very likely the best invention of life". "All pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important." Steve Jobs

As I sit down at this computer this morning, my heart leads me to express sadness for the loss of Steve Jobs…he lived a short life and changed the entire world. To leave that huge a footprint is something that we all should aspire to…to be that progressive, talented, genius and to make life better for all. Few of us will reach what he did, but the journey in trying would be amazing. Farewell, Steve. Many prayers are being said for your family.

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An Apartment Professional Wears Many Hats

An apartment professional is, among many other things, the business manager. You must have many ‘degrees' in all phases of business, such as:

Technology example: You must know if your computer is male or female.

It is female if:

  1. If no one but their creator understands their internal logic.
  2. Bad command or file name is about as informative as “if you don't know why I am mad at you, I certainly am not going to tell you.”
  3. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for future retrieval.

It is male if:

  1. They are supposed to help solve the problem, but most of time they ARE the problem.
  2. In order to get their attention you have to turn them on. #3 Big power surges knock them out for the rest of their lives.
  3. You must know how to fix the stupid computer after the power goes out, understand all the terminology and acronyms…like boot up, alpha beta, RSS feed, cookie and terminal (is it dying?) ROM and my favorite when someone is telling me how to fix it on the phone; ISDW (it still doesn't work).

As the business manager you must be astute at bookkeeping, marketing, leadership, talent management, rent negotiations, every software known to modern man, costs of everything from a bolt or screw to a new roof, how to take bids, calculating loss to vacancy and loss of everything else that is missing.

Then of course a marketing degree is imperative. A professional in our field must know how to get traffic and leases in the dead of winter, at Christmastime/Holiday time, when it is pouring rain, when the market is overbuilt and when the apartments haven't been updated in 20 years. You must also try to get people qualified when they barely make enough money to live…then get them to pay the rent when their car payment seems to come first. All the while trying to fool the sign ordinance guy by moving the bootleg signs daily!

When the market improves you switch gears and must know how to raise rents and finesse residents not to move out, even over only a $10 increase. Also during the good markets the all knowing you must juggle 4 people who want the same 2 bedroom when there is only one, how to persuade them to take the other 2 bedroom floor plans, especially when the view from their new living room will be the dumpster and the cemetery. And in every market you must be good at convincing people that it is the ‘penthouse' to live on the 3rd floor!

You must also be experts in HR…and know how to hire superstars for not a lot more that minimum wage, and how to let people go without getting the company sued. You must also know how to correct employees who come to work in their pajamas or something equivalent, tattooed and pierced to the max, orange and purple hair or so inappropriately dressed they look like they are going straight to the bar after work.

Then of course there is fair housing…you have to tell people “no, 7 people cannot live the one bedroom” and find out if a resident's snoring that rattles the neighbors walls can be considered a handicap. So a degree in real estate law comes in very handy. Speaking of legal, you also have to know how, when and where to file evictions, go to court and speak legalese, and charm a difficult judge… and those are just a couple of legal issues dealt with daily.

You, the business manager would to do well to have a degree in psychology. People skills are a necessity. You must know how to calm a raging resident, nurse-maid a sick leasing consultant, be a shoulder to cry on when someone's heart is broken, give financial counseling to residents and team members who can't budget and live on their paycheck. You must smile and sell, frown and collect rent, grimace when you pick up dog poop…all the while looking like a fashion model and never sweating or being smelly in public.

You are the parking lot attendant, arbitrator when everyone is mad, the garbage collector, the light bulb checker, the entertainment director and party host/hostess, the keeper of the keys, the employer, the employee, the raccoon catcher, the bed bug detector, the water conserver, the inspector of everything, the tester, time keeper, the baby sitter when residents kids come home from school with no supervision. You are the cookie baker, the cleaning crew, the perfect letter writer, the lonely hearts club president, the taker of complaints and service requests and deal with offensive behaviors…all the while staying cool under fire while stressed to the max. You know how to repair golf carts, HVAC, how to get grease off the parking lot and why the damned grasshoppers or crickets take turns showing up in swarms, every Spring!

You, this hero/heroine know how to relocate residents after a fire, explain that they really were told that renters insurance was a good idea, wade through water soaked carpet up to your ankles and find the leak, and then catch the escaped boa constrictor, gerbil, ferret or lost poodle.

And, of course you know how to prioritize, keep the owner happy, control costs, increase NOI…and have even a smidgen of a personal life. All of this must happen while never having time to go to the bathroom or eating a decent meal. Your car is your designated eating place and second office, as your drive, eat, handle a Blackberry and 2 cell phones. You are very good at stopping on the side of the road to text!

Some of us have tried to escape, only to come back. We talk about it sort of like being in prison; “I got out, but now I am back in.” We find that we are addicted to this business and no other work will do And we have learned that we can wear all these hats, by stacking them on top of each other, no matter how heavy or tall the stack.

We realize very quickly that being in property management IS a degree, even multiple degrees, especially that psychology one…because we never stop learning about people.

Welcome to our world…and we wonder if we really are just a little nuts to LOVE the wonderful world of wearing the many hats of an apartment industry professional!

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Intention and Behavior…Sometimes Two Different Things: Thoughts of Peace

While watching the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, I am seeing an effort by both political parties, an effort from those with opposing thoughts, beliefs and sides, an effort by the masses to ‘come together'. Our President has asked both political parties to come into meetings and sit together instead of separately, to talk and hear each other. Perhaps letting go of some of the divisiveness that has become unkind, insensitive, inappropriate and far from fruitful will stick and not fade away after the rawness of tragedy is healing.

What a lesson for all of us! Each person, group, party believes that they are right about everything they stand for…so they ‘fight' to get others to hear them, to take their side. Perhaps we now have a chance to come together, working toward peace and human kindness and unity.

The first step to reach that goal is to STOP and think, taking a deep breath and to examine what the other person's INTENT might be.

After all, most of us lose our temper, use occasional hurtful words, say things in a manner that come from anger, hurt, even just being hurried or stressed. We fire off emails, voice mails, letters, memos, words that actually add fuel to an already burning fire. Have you ever said “Gee, I wish I hadn't said that, or had said if differently?” Or have you realized that your ego got bruised and you were sure you had the right to strike back, only to realize later that it backfired and made matters worse.

I have come to realize that when we stop and deeply examine the other parties/persons intent, we may understand that even though their words were blunt, inappropriate, hurtful; when we think about what their real intention is we realize that they just want things to change, to be have their way noticed, or hoping you would see their side. They may even a point that you would consider.

So even if I don't like the way they said or wrote it, I can see their real intention, their effort to make things better for all or at least different.

Remember that often we do not see things as they are, but as we see them. So if we choose to look for the intention before responding, it may make our words sweeter…just in case we have to eat them later.

Perhaps the outcome will be less bitter, less divisive and more cooperative. What a better place the world would be…I am going to do my part, how about you?

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Power... You Have It!

2 super business womanHave you ever felt powerless? It shows up when you find life uncontrollable. More often it shows up when you expected a certain outcome to an event, a relationship, a job; anything that doesn´t turn out as you wanted. So we forget that we have power, or we have given up on it.

Trust me, it is still within you. To me, what is important about power is how you use it! For example we all have power over someone else…often over many others. You have the power to make someone feel as tall and solid as a mountain; and you have the power to make someone feel insignificant, as tiny and unimportant as a tiny ant.

What is important is that you stay aware and channel your power for good; use it to make everyone you encounter be happier, smarter, braver, grander! Use your power to do a great job at your job; your career. Use it to give yourself a raise…by being the best, to make smart decisions. Use it to influence others in a positive way, to make a difference in their lives and in the success of your company, to insure that your customers get what they really want and need. Use it to raise children to love themselves.

You HAVE power…it is up to you how you use it. From this day forward just think of yourself as Superman or Wonder Woman…I want to watch you leap over a tall building, I want to watch you fly!

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What’s Ailing Your Property? Take Some ‘Cs’ and Make it Better Immediately

letter CConfidence is Convincing!

A list of personal Characteristics of a great salesperson might look like this:

  • Friendly and helpful
  • Product knowledge
  • Well groomed
  • Not pushy
  • Caring and a good listener, good Communicator
  • Focused on you, not distracted
  • Willing to spend time
  • Honest and Competent

The list could go on however I want to focus on the C words.

Being friendly and helpful is about people skills…being likeable by being groomed, having energy, thinking and being prepared before speaking, smiling, being pleasant…and very important, how you make other people feel. It would be hard to be Convincing without these skills.

Product knowledge creates Confidence. It includes knowing your property, your competition, what is happening in real estate in general, how to do your job…all Common sense, right? And yet common sense is so often missing from people in ‘sales' jobs.

Studies prove that the average person finds a Confident demeanor very persuasive, even when Confidence is hiding a low level of Competence.

So is it better to act sure of yourself than to know what you are doing? Maybe short term, but eventually people learn that Confidence without accuracy has a negative effect, like coming across phony. The solution? Knowledge does give self Confidence. Hire people who are basically sure of themselves, then train them to know and do their job accurately; to be Competent.

Confidence is important to success, to closing the sale; however in the long run Competence is just as Critical.

Take all your ‘Cs” and call me in the morning.

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 1:37:05 PM 
  • (1)

Dealing With Difficult People

mouthing off by had to deal with a resident that you just couldn't seem to make happy no matter what you did? What about the constant complainer who had a new issue everyday that they had to make you aware of?

Well “Difficult People” come in all shapes and sizes and you are going to have your share of them in your career. Last week on Grace Hill we talked about what you can do to deal with these personality types and situations.

For those of you who missed the chat, here are Anne's response to some important issues:

  • Most can be reasoned with... stay calm, communicate! We don't take the time to sit down, chat with them and pay sincere attention! Don't have a short fuse!

What can I offer my prospects and residents to make them happy?

  • Be sure your boss/company gives you an "allowance" for problem solving so you can resolve it instantly... it dilutes your authority when you "have to call corporate!"

It seems as though the residents are becoming more aggressive with my staff, what can I do to prevent this?

  • Train your staff to stay calm and cool, to create peace and not pour gasoline on the fire!
  • I find that if you "correct" them it raises their temperature. Never correct an angry adult!

How do I handle irate residents that try to put my job in jeopardy?

  • Stay cool! Get them on your side... reason with them... ask them to come up with a solution that is fair to both of you. Ask your boss to always back your decisions... even if YOU have to go back to resident and change your decision!

What are some techniques that will help me keep my cool?

  • Deep breaths, focus on the big picture... what is your goal? To get them to STAY, pay rent and refer friends!!!! If you stay centered on that thought you will handle it better.
  • Never take it personally... they aren't mad at you, but at circumstances.
  • They may not always be right, but they are always the customer.

What are some effective conflict resolution techniques?

  • Rehearse your calming words..."you are important to us, we appreciate your business, we are here to provide a solution, not be part of the problem."
  • Sometimes you just need to keep quiet and let them blow... they will wear themselves out.
  • Please, thank you, let's put our heads together for a solution, I really do want to make this better, I understand where you are coming from, I am sorry you feel this way... MAGIC words.
  • I think about how I get paid! Through happy residents.

What is the best route when dealing with a difficult supervisor?

  • Remember that the only person you can fix is you! And they are the boss... try a little tenderness.

How do you handle a situation where the person is yelling and screaming at you and will not let you talk at all?

  • Keep you mouth SHUT.... they will finally run out of gas! Then take a deep breath, keep your voice soft and use calming words.

What's the best way to deal with a resident who complains their rent is higher than another resident's?

  • They will talk! and this is a huge issue... we have daily specials, different move in dates, renewal terms... so we have to explain all this to them, and have something in place to "give" the unhappy resident... for example upgrades, etc.
  • Anne Sadovsky @ 4:07:12 PM 
  • (1)

Question & Answer with Anne: The Laundry Room Edition

This morning I saw a great question on Multifamily Insiders that I've seen happen on various properties.


I've had numerous people come up to me and tell me that they've either had their clothes stolen out of the washer and/or dryer or that people take their clothes out so they can use the washer and/or dryer. Anyone have a good way to handle this. I'm going to put a letter in our news letter but how should I write it so it doesn't seem mean?


Anne's Answer:

First and foremost, is your clothes care center clean, painted, comfortable and inviting? Why? Because it should encourage the residents to STAY with their laundry. Do you have a television bolted high on the wall? How about an exercise bike, a shelf with resident donated books for borrowing / exchanging? Do you have a great table for clothes folding? How about a controlled bulletin board where they can post items to sell or things they want to buy? We cannot be liable for laundry left unsupervised, and it is understandable that if a resident needs a dryer and they are full of dry clothing, that they will pile it out...I would, too! So clean up, decorate with cheerful colors, issue some policies and a plea to take care of the clothes center, be responsible for your own laundry, and be a good neighbor! Do you keep it locked and issue keys for residents use? Do you ask that it not be a play area for our under 14 residents? Be proactive!!

Do you have any burning questions for Q&A with Anne?

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 3:47:38 PM 
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Get Out of the Rut and Into the Groove

fast trackPerhaps I am the most naïve person on planet Earth. Somewhere I got the idea that when you tell people the right way to do something, and you're very convinced that they will do it, then all will be well. Just hear it once, believe it and do it, and life will be greatly improved. Oh, if life were only that simple.

This is why continuing education is so important. The rule seems to be that the sixth time we hear it, we get it! So how often do we teach the same thing? At least six times. Over and over and over again.

In a study done by Yale University several years ago, people said one of the main reasons they work is to continue their education. In other words, their job should be their self- improvement course. Few adults who work full time have time to take classes, so they expect their employers to provide educational tools, and justifiably so. If the company is to be successful, the team members must be successful as well. And all success is related to keeping up with change, learning new skills and honing the skills we already have.

A variety of training possibilities exists for us in the housing industry. We are lucky to have local, state and national associations to provide cost effective and timely training, all pertinent to our daily activities. Many companies provide in-house training as well. Now opportunities abound on-line. Great DVD programs are available, allowing employees to watch and learn at their convenience. On line training is available from several resources. Add webinars and ‘tele training' and there simply is no excuse not to be educated in what we do!

And yet, as I travel around the country I still see and hear that a third the people in the room haven't had fair housing training. That's really scary since that lack of knowledge could cost millions of dollars in fines. Would you pay less than $100 for a class or DVD or online training that could save you millions?

One of the top benefits of education is the re-charge your personal battery gets! We all get stale, sometimes bored with the same routine. Often the fresh approach, the new angle we get from a class, speaker, DVD or on line is just the motivation we need to get us up and going. Then we all benefit.

So the next time your boss says you're being sent to a class, celebrate. Be a life long learner, feed your brain and develop new skills…it's the perfect way to stay sharp, smart and in the groove. Make it your priority to never stop learning!

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 5:05:15 PM 
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Training on Demand...the easy way! Get some FREE STUFF!

Every time I poll an audience, I find more and more who haven't had fair housing training, who don't understand how their job impacts the bottom line, how to use social media without getting discrimination complaints...and I am even still hearing 1970's words like tenant and complex! Get them in front of the screen!!!

Visit my website and select any DVD and take 10% off the sales price; buy $500 or more and get 15% off. Buy $750 and get one additional product up to $100. PLUS I will pay the shipping...ORDER NOW for best deals! FREE STUFF!

New topics for 2010...leasing is SALES, the best retention tips ever, A Day in the Life of the Busy Service Tech." And 3 hours of pure fun and motivation for the closing of a company meeting or conference, "Will Social Media Come Back to Bite Us in the Butt?" Door prizes, discounts, Free DVDs. Book a seminar, get free keynote and/or vendor seminar for trade shows pitched in. FREE STUFF because I love this business!!!!

Clients say:
"Best keynoter in the industry."

"We could not be more pleased. Your ability to effortlessly make a connection with virtually any audience is genuinely impressive. In addition, your facility for maintaining that connection while imparting valuable insights is, in my experience unsurpassed. We particularly appreciate your ability to keep things fresh, light and original without losing sight of your objectives."

Schedule a seminar for your team. Please contact me at for more information.

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 10:07:38 AM 
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Good News for Cell Phone Users

For years, we've been hearing alarming claims that cell phone use causes brain cancer, though no reputable study has established such a link. Now, a study from the University of South Florida shows that cell phone radiation may be GOOD for you.

The University of South Florida study showed that the electromagnetic waves erase brain deposits of the harmful protein beta-amyloid, which represents a hallmark of mentally crippling Alzheimer's disease. The exposure also prevented build-up from the protein in younger Alzheimer's mice — a possible lead on future non-invasive Alzheimer's treatments for humans.

Almost 100 mice endured two 1-hour periods of daily exposure to an antenna that generated a cell phone signal, during a period of seven to nine months. Most of the mice were genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer's, but some non-demented mice also allowed researchers to see how the electromagnetic waves affect normal memory. Even the non-demented mice saw benefits from the exposure through increased blood flow and energy metabolism in the brain. That improved brain activity actually boosted the memory of the mice to above-normal levels. [From Popular Science - Cell Phone Radiation Reverses Alzheimer's and Boosts Memory in Mice by Jeremy Hsu.]

So, it seems that cell phones show some potential for cognitive enhancement. Before you strap your cell phone to your head and start auto-dialing, though, I'd suggest waiting for a little more research.

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 10:19:10 PM 
  • (1)

How to Keep Your Chin Up in a Down Market

Last Friday I was part of a chat for Grace Hill, titled "How to Keep Your Chin Up in a Down Market" There were several presenters and I want to share my personal comments/answers. Enjoy!

Membership Questions:. How can I retain my residents in this terrible economy with people losing their jobs?

  • Do you know the Freedom lease concept? They pay $500 up front in order to escape the lease if they lose they credit ruined, no pursuit for balance.

Membership Questions: . How can I better assist those in need of help?

  • Have a yard/garage sale…most of us have things we would to sell. That would help them financially and bring visibility to the property.

Membership Questions:. Is it possible to keep our occupancy high without offering specials?

  • What if you just set your rents based on what all the specials are around you. Then tell every prospect that your special is that your rents have been set in consideration of specials, and when those specials are gone they are gone! I would love to see every advertised 'special' go away!
  • Don't nickel and dime them to death...this isn't a great time to upcharge for fireplace, view etc.

Membership Questions: . What are some inexpensive ways to improve my property? We cannot afford to buy everything we need.

  • Have decorate your balcony contest, keep grass mowed, ask for $50 per apt and walk Home Depot...paint colors, door and drawer pulls, ceiling fan...some little effort counts

Membership Questions: . What are some free ways to boost morale in the office?

  • Contests, set the daily example with your positive attitude, let them have a half day off for reaching goals...have fun together. You spend more time working than with family or has to be pleasant.

Membership Question: How can we keep up staff morale?

  • Exchange marketing for local businesses for bulletin board and move in packets, for coupons for nails, massage, meals, and give some to your team members, not just residents. Praise, don't criticize.

Membership question: How can we deal with stress?

  • Breathe, meditate...picture yourself sitting by a stream, warm, flowers, soft grass, dangle your feet...notice the bubbles coming up from the is from your worst resident whose face you are holding under water...feel better?
  • It is all about how you react to what is happening...not what is happening, but how you respond to it. This too shall pass...we have been here before and survived. More millionaires have been made during hard times...get creative.
  • Take your time off, know that this isn't the end of the something fun

Membership Questions: I would like to learn how to separate the hard times at home from the hard times at work

  • Hard times? financially or stress? if stress, problems at home, get professional help. Get serious about getting happy!

Membership Questions:. Where do I draw the line on those with bad credit? I don't want to accept people and end up with a delinquency problem verses a vacancy problem.

  • Depends on how bad the credit is...if you lower your standards you will pay dearly. However most of us can revisit our criteria since we likely haven't revisited since we were 100% ;-) Look at occupancy standards and add one more person, for example under age 3 to increase leases...also what they owe is important...what do you to find out?

Membership Questions: Higher end (A communities) properties that were never comps before have lowered their rents and are now in line with us. They are larger, newer, and offer more

  • Older communities usually have bigger floor plans, closets, mature landscaping...find the best of what you've got and promote it. Have more resident activities and promote "know your neighbor." Get 3rd party testimonies from long term residents and use those in your marketing...there are huge

Membership Questions: . How can I fight the government housing tax credit?

  • Fight the government? Good luck! For sale housing has always been favored by the feds, as well as city go's. Look at flags and banners allowed at housing developments but we can't fly a tiny balloon without threats off fines! We just need to promote rental housing...
  • Anne Sadovsky @ 4:44:01 PM 
  • (1)

Customer Satisfaction/3rd Party Marketing...Get Real!

Years ago customer service speakers, including me, reported that happy customers tell 3 people and unhappy customers tell 11. I have no idea where we got those statistics. Recently I heard a speaker quote those same numbers. I have to ask "What 21st Century study that statistic come from?" Get real!!!

Social networking has changed the way our customers share their experiences and feelings about them. Did you see the video on You Tube and elsewhere, titled "United Airlines Breaks Guitar"? Yes, you and THREE MILLION other people saw it 10 DAYS!

I understand that about 35% of bloggers talk about bad customer service, telling the story with all the gory details. There are reportedly 200 million bloggers. That means 70 million of us are sharing our experiences, likely more bad than good. The Apartment Ratings website isn't the only place that our customers hear about our service... scary, huh? But it doesn't have to be!

If we deliver a great customer experience, WOW them every time in a way that makes them want to share a positive event or situation, then we can celebrate the great word of mouth advertising that comes from blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Think about this every time you greet a customer, handle a potential complaint, fire off an email or letter, or simply interact with your consumer. The big question is; What will they say about you, your office staff, your company, the experience, when they sit down at their computer? Take responsibility and make darned sure that the way you handle them is may have to eat it tomorrow!!!

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 1:27:32 PM 
  • (1)

The 30/30/30 Factor

Does your company measure capture rates? You know, what percentage of traffic actually leases?

The old system of judging a leasing consultant's skills based on total traffic is pretty outdated…it would be a lot more fair to judge based on qualified traffic, separated on reports from unqualified.

Think about this. Our capture rate averages about 30%, no matter how we measure…only 30% of traffic actually leases. Research indicates that that 30% leases, no matter what! We could staff the front desk with a chimpanzee and still lease to 30%. Why? It is the right location, right rent, best incentive dollars, his or her Mom lives there and keeps the kids. SO, our expected capture rate should be one third at minimum!

However, 30% aren't going to lease, no matter how good we are, how good the deal is or how much they say they love the apartment. Why? Can't afford it, wrong location, not on their bus stop, roommate/spouse doesn't like it, not sure their job is stable (that is another whole article!) SO to expect a 100% capture rate is totally unrealistic. Maybe this week the salesperson gets five traffic and leases five. 100%! Great, celebrate! But that probably happens once a year, if that. It is probably more likely to happen once in a blue moon.

There is magic in the middle 30%! This is where great sales skills, understanding the customer's expectations, empathy, and likeability come into play. A great leasing associate really can increase their capture rate to 60-65% of qualified traffic. They should expect that of themselves, and their leadership should expect it from them as well.

The challenge remains developing just those skills; being likeable, helpful, interested and empathetic. Also critical to getting the lease is knowing the product and the competition, what is happening in the local market, and having all the tools needed. It also helps to be articulate, and to have enough time to truly give the prospective renter the attention they deserve. Sound easy? Think it is already happening?

Sadly, in many cases, it probably is not. Many properties are understaffed, especially on high traffic days like the weekends. (Isn't that when we put the new untrained person on duty?) And speaking of training, why do we expect a brand new person to show up with all the skills needed to be successful, let alone know the fair housing laws and the legalities of the lease, and how to sell?

So if you want higher capture rates, be realistic. Separate qualified and unqualified traffic (yes, you do have to have criteria for what unqualified means) and train your team members. They need not only technology, administrative and product training, they need people skills training. The last couple of generations haven't been exposed to soft skills that work with today's consumer. They are savvy to the lingo that their generation understands, however they aren't selling to just that age group.

So yes, expect a higher capture rate…expect 50-60%. But do your part…make sure the team is equipped to make it happen. Train, shop, test, measure, motivate, and encourage.

Today's news indicates that only 45% of employees are happy in their jobs. Think how much happier they will be when they are measured and declared successful, rewarded and praised. Then you can watch your NOI soar in 2010!

  • Anne Sadovksy @ 5:21:00 PM 
  • (1)

Being Conscious

Recently I was thinking about how I eat. I don't think about it often; I just eat unconsciously. I am however becoming convinced that if I paid more attention, if I were conscious of what I put in my mouth, where and how I eat, that I might lose the ten pounds that I need to take off. And maybe not gain it back for the fiftieth time. I don't want to dwell on food, I just want to remember that I ate it!

These thoughts led me to think about being conscious of everything we do. For example, what if we consciously stop and think before we speak? Too often many of us speak without thinking about the end result; therefore, we hurt other's feelings, make them angry, alienate them, lose their friendship, their business, even their love. Pretty costly ramifications, huh? Oh, if only we were conscious!

Why do we do that? Why do we not Insert our brain before we engage our mouth, our spoken words?

Part of the answer comes from childhood programming. When we were young, we weren't really taught to think. Our teachers, even our parents, wanted to keep us busy. Maybe keeping us occupied kept us of their hair. So when we were caught sitting and staring out the window, or at the floor, or the ceiling, or the stars, many of us got our attention redirected. Crayons and paper, scissors and paste, television and in more recent years Gameboys, IPods and other computer games and activities became our entertainment and sometimes our 'baby sitters.' Thinking simply wasn't, and isn't tolerated.

Another challenge is our lifestyle…we live fast. We drive fast, we walk fast, we work fast, we eat fast and it becomes habit…so we also speak fast…we behave too quickly, we react versus thinking and being proactive. So we must become more mindful, more aware…more fully conscious.

All of this 'unconsciousness' too often has a very negative impact. And we don't seem to learn from the suffering that we experience from it. There is an old cliché 'if a snake bites you once, shame on the snake, if it bites you again, shame on you.' There is some truth that sticking your finger in the socket is a shocking revelation…and you probably won't do it again. Oh, if it were only that easy to put on our thinking caps.

So at the beginning of this New Year, this new decade, I am going to try very hard to ask myself these questions. You might want to do the same. "Is what I am about to say going to make things better or worse?" "If I jump right in without thinking will there be negative consequences?" And last but not least "If I continue to eat unconsciously, will I really like wearing that food around my middle?" Perhaps that moment on the lips isn't worth the widening of my hips!

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 11:03:00 AM 
  • (1)

Make a POSITIVE Difference

Have you seen the George Clooney movie "Up in the Air"? I give it an A+. It really gave me pause, thinking of all of us who travel for a living! There were lots of funny things to identify with...packing, going through security, enjoying building lots of miles... working toward one million or more (I have done that on American Airlines) knowing every airport and in general watching life 'fly' by. It also made me realize that in the past 30 years I have missed important birthday parties, the birth of a couple of my grandchildren, even sadly a beloved aunt's funeral because I had made a commitment that could not be changed. The good news for all of us is that we have a more positive mission than that of Clooney's character... he was going to fire people! We are going to fire people UP! We are going to make a POSITIVE difference in people's lives.

So, in spite of things I have missed... I know that it is the mission, the purpose of helping others succeed, to improve their skills and lives, to make them happier, that drives us. I have been fortunate to have maintained relationships. I have had someone to come home to most of the 30 years that I have been 'on the road', and I feel that has brought a pretty good balance in my life. I wish that for all of you, don't miss the really important things so that you never have regrets. Value those who put up with our lifestyle, and love us in spite of it. Say "I love and appreciate you" more often. When you are at home, spend quality time. God bless you in this brand new year and decade. We are valuable to our field, we have a calling, we are blessed with our talent and most importantly we are blessed with friendship and with love!

  • Anne Sadovsky @ 5:36:00 PM 
  • (1)

The Power of Resolving Conflict

As long as there has been life on this planet there has been conflict; from the dinosaurs and cavemen, cowboys and Indians, different religions, husbands and wives, employers and employees. However, today conflict seems to be more the usual than the occasional challenge. Modern-day Americans have higher 'deserve levels', shorter fuses and are more outspoken. Add the increasing use of profanity, lack of respect for others and we often find ourselves in all out wars. The result? Loss of valuable time and productivity, stress caused physical symptoms, the emotional roller coaster, lost relationships, legal fees and unhappy, complaining customers who stop doing business with us.

We absolutely must learn to:

  • Cut the cost of conflict
  • Get working relationships back in place
  • Lose an adversarial attitude
  • Communicate and understand
  • Foster dignity and respect
  • Encourage others to peacefully handle their own disputes
  • View conflict as an opportunity rather than a burden
  • Be a successful mediator
  • Manage ourselves and set good examples
  • Use common sense to reach win/win solutions
  • Increase the bottom line by working in harmony

Is it possible? Absolutely! Conflict resolution training can make and save many thousands of dollars. In just three hours with common sense information, role playing and study, I can help create a whole new attitude in your team. Call or email me for details!

  • Anne Sadovksy @ 6:05:00 PM 
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